Papercrete Mixer

Typical Tow Behind Mixer

These mixers are fabricated from "previously owned" materials, and vary somewhat depending on what is available. What they share in common is fast mixing of up to twenty cubic feet of papercrete (or other materials) in a few minutes at any site, including sites without power. Tow it with any vehicle with a hitch, or with a little modification this mixer could even be pulled by people or draft animals.

US$800.00 FOB El Paso, TX

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This mixer is designed for LOW SPEED towing ONLY. It should not be towed at speeds greater than 30 miles per hour or for extended distances. If you want to pick it up, you'll need a truck that it will fit in/on. If you want to use commercial shipping, you can use a weight of 500 pounds and dimensions of 4x5x7 feet to get quotes. Because of the tank, this mixer qualifies for agricultural freight rates.